Concurrent Session Chair Information

Session Chairs

Chairpersons are assigned for each concurrent session and are responsible for:
1. Determining and enforcing the timing of the session including how much time for each presenter and discussants. USAEE encourages leaving at least 10-15 minutes at the end of each session for Q&A.
2. Assigning discussants to papers. Discussants will typically include presenters in the session, but the chair is welcome to invite other conference participants to discuss an appropriate paper.
3. Contacting session participants ahead of the conference with information on (1) and (2).
4. Making brief introductions for each speaker and keeping time during the session. Please ensure the session begins and ends on time. If you are unable or unwilling to meet your commitments as session chair or have any requested changes to the session, please email Greg Upton.


Sessions have been designated as having discussants (or not) based on preferences indicated in submissions. Discussants are an excellent way to receive feedback on your work and also provide an opportunity to meet colleagues doing research in your area. Although full papers are not required for inclusion in the conference program, please provide discussants a paper draft at least two weeks prior to the conference. If a paper draft is not available, please inform your chair and the discussant. If you are unable to serve as a discussant, please inform your chair immediately.

Audio Visual Equipment

Each meeting room will be equipped with a podium and projection. Based on the size of the room your session could also have a podium mic and Q&A mic.

Session chairs must bring a laptop computer for use with the provided projection equipment. If other connectors are needed, the audio/visual vendor may have them available, but the USAEE cannot guarantee it. Please email Candace Hoelscher in advance to have it ready for your session if it is needed. If a session chair does not have access to a laptop, they should contact the other session participants to request that one person be responsible for this. If you have any questions about equipment available in the room, please email Candace Hoelscher.

Please arrive during the break before the session with time to get your laptop set up and make sure you are ready to go before the session time begins. Please note timing is very important to respect the sessions before and after yours.

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