PhD Day


This student-only event will take place Sunday, October 23, from 11:00am to 5:00pm at Rice University.

All PhD Students in energy economics and related fields are invited to submit an abstract focused on completed research or a work in progress. Each student will have the chance to present their work via an egg-timer talk. Then, an assigned discussant will facilitate an in-depth discussion among the group.

PhD Day will provide students with the following opportunities:

  • Discuss their work with a student audience and practice presentation skills.
  • Receive feedback on their paper from a dedicated discussant and the audience.
  • Read someone else’s paper and offer constructive criticism (as a referee would do for a journal).
  • Meet students with similar interests and engage in productive discussions.

Event Details
All submissions will be considered for an egg-timer talk. Each presenter will act as a discussant for another student’s work. Present-discussant pairings will be assigned ahead of time to facilitate sufficient discussant preparation. The discussants will be expected to review their assigned partner’s work in detail and lead a constructive and helpful talk. Effective feedback could include pointing the authoring student to literature or data they may not have considered or suggestions for alternative approaches to the problem they are addressing.

Guidelines will be sent closer to the date.

We invite all interested students to attend this event, including those whose research is not yet ready for a complete submission. This is a unique opportunity to discuss ideas and topics of interest, solicit feedback, and obtain advice on projects they’d like to pursue.

Lunch will be served to all participants. Transportation will be provided from Rice University to the Omni Houston Hotel following the event in time for participants to attend the Opening Reception of the 39th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference.

There is no separate registration fee for PhD Day – this event is included as part of your conference registration.


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